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Is Your Company Prepared To Lose An Employee For
Twelve Weeks?

Emerald Senior Services
Innovative Family Medical Leave Act Solution

The Family medical Leave Act [FLMA] 2008 now permits an employee to take up to 12 weeks of family leave to care for a parent with a medically covered health problem. Employers are beginning to feel the impact that
an employee’s absence has on their business. They will either need to fill the position with a temp (who
will require training) or place a “band-aid” over the void. From any angle this is a losing proposition.

Emerald Senior Services has created a win/win solution for both the company and the employee. We will
aid in the care of these loved ones at a fraction of the cost of replacing the employee, giving the company
an economical way to maintain productivity. Plus, the company is a hero, providing a solution for the
employee that both cares for their parent and allows them to maintain their income.

It’s important to have this solution in place before the need arises. For a free no obligation planning session, call Emerald Senior Services (717)944-4712 or toll free 1-888-944-4712.