About Us

Many years ago, Barbara L Seibert,  Director of Services for Emerald Senior Services, was employed as a nurse’s aid in a local nursing facility. Other than receiving a paycheck, she found nothing gratifying about the job. After her employment ended at the home, she found herself providing assistance to elderly members of her family and community. Over the years she would occasionally find her thoughts going back to memories of John, Helen, Edna, and the many others she had cared for. She smiled and shed tears when remembering them and finally came to recognize how special that time was with the elderly and now realizes you can not put a price on the memories. The seed of her future had been planted during this time and over the years she would receive the water needed for growth.

Senior ExpoThen, while incapacitated by foot surgery, she spent the time praying to be lead into the direction she was being prepared for over the years. During this time she had physical therapy and doctors appointments.   It was at one of her doctor appointments she noticed an elderly women sitting and looking at her watch and growing in her anxiety when no one arrived to pick her up. Barbara went through a difficult time of watching her mother-in-law and mother undergo surgeries and she was unable to assist either of them.  She recalled how frustrating this was.

By the end of the summer, Barbara received the answer to her prayers; she was to start a business focused on providing every area of care to our elderly in need, in order to help them sustain an independent lifestyle.

Emerald Senior Services was started in 2004 with her smiles, tears and a heartfelt desire to care for our elderly loved ones and the agencies services is a reflection of this compassion.

Our Mission
As professional and compassionate servants, Emerald Senior Services is a faith based agency focused on providing high quality services to you or your loved one.


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