How To Choose A Home Health Care Agency

Emerald Senior Service,This is a recommended list of questions you will want to ask any Home Health Care Agency you are exploring  to care for your loved one. We have included our answers to these important questions, allowing you to compare  our agency  with others you may be interviewing .

  1. Does Medicaid or Medicare certify the agency?
    At this time Emerald Senior Services does not provide services through Medicaid or Medicare.
  2. Is the agency accredited by any professional organizations?Emerald Senior Services is in good standing with several Counties Area Agencies on Aging, retain memberships in the Harrisburg Area Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern PA Better Business Bureau and the National Family Caregivers Association.
  3. What state licenses does the agency have-what has been its compliance record over the last two years?
    At the  present time PA does not require  a license for agencies such as Emerald Senior Services to own or operate an in home care agency.  The agency does, however, follow and meet Federal OSHA requirements.
  4. What kind of background check does the agency conduct on all its employees?
    All employees, from the owner, the RN, office staff and all caregivers are required to obtain a criminal background report on a yearly basis. Three reference checks along with a driving record check are also done before hire.
  5. Is the agency bonded and insured?
    Yes, Emerald Senior Services is bonded , carries full liability insurance and worker’s compensation.
  6. Does the agency conduct an assessment to determine the caretakers needs,who conducts the assessment?
    Yes, the Director of Services conducts the  complimentary initial  assessment and is followed through by the Caregiver Supervisor and the agencies RN if requested.
  7. How does the agency work with the caretakers primary doctor?
    Emerald Senior Services works as close with the doctors and any other professional service provider as requested.
  8. Who coordinates the caretakers care-what level of training does that person have?
    Emerald Senior Services Caregiver Supervisor has 25 years experience working in the area of health services and is responsible for assigning a compatible caregiver to our clients.
  9. Does the agency offer 24-hour availability in case of any emergency?
    Yes, Emerald Senior Services realizes that our clients may require coverage that goes beyond an assigned time and  are available to provide services 24/7 care including all holidays.
  10. Does the agency provide immediate backup should one of its workers not show up?
    Yes, Emerald Senior Services will provide backup should the need arise. This may include services being provided by the Caregiver Supervisor or the Director of Services should it become necessary.
  11. Can we get a replacement if the worker does not do well with the caretaker?
    Yes, one of the areas Emerald Senior Services covers is the compatibility of their caregivers and clients.  They realize this is one of the most important factors in providing the best services.
  12. Are there certain things the agencies employees are not allowed to do?
    Yes, these are listed in the employee handbook as well as the list their clients receive. If there are additional items their clients desire to have added to this list they are honored.
  13. Is there a minimum number of hours we have to contract with the agency to receive services?
    Yes, as with many agencies Emerald Senior Services requires a minimum of three (3) hours. The only exception to this may be for emergency coverage.
  14. What services does the agency provide?
    Emerald Senior Services offers over ninety areas of services Click here for a complete list.
  15. How long has the agency been providing service?
    Emerald Senior Services is in their fifth year of providing services to the elderly.
  16. How will the agency communicate information about the caretaker?
    Emerald Senior Services employees are required to keep a written daily log in the clients home. Caregivers are in constant contact with their Supervisor. The office stays in contact with the family.
  17. What are the agencies fees?
    Emerald Senior Services fee scale is dependent on several items and will be discussed at the  complimentary initial assessment.
  18. Can the agency provide me with references and /or testimonials?
    Yes, just go to our website and click onto testimonials and for references you may call the office

To receive a complimentary assessment along with a certificate valid for one (1) free hour of service call the office at (717) 944-4712 or email